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Fausta Cognac


Fausta Cognac


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The weatherproofing process, which was developed exclusively for Aquatalia by Marvin K., provides a protection for the supple leather and suede used in our Fall-Winter collections.

During the tanning process, the leather and suede skins are bathed in a special sealant within a uniquely designed drum. This sealant penetrates through the fibers, resulting in soft and natural looking leather and suede that prevent the absorption of moisture and also provide salt and stain resistance. Each seam made during the stitching stage of production is filled with a liquid sealant to prevent water penetration. This unique and complex process allows the materials to resist moisture while maintaining breathability, keeping your feet comfortable and dry. Please note: fastenings and zippers cannot be protected against water penetration.

Our weatherproof fall/winter collection is designed to be worn in all types of weather: sun, rain, sleet or snow. The functionality and comfort of Aquatalia are built-in features that bring added value to your footwear investment.