Wonderful WONDERS are in now!!!

Come check out our WALL of WONDERFUL WONDERS! The ladies of Lord's 
Wonders – Spring 2018
As the weather warms and the sun peeks back in the spring, we never want to miss a moment. Some days that means walking to work, or pulling extra duty on the playground. Maybe we’re taking a stroll or hitting the shops. No matter where we’re going, we need to know our feet will feel great and look wonderful.
Take your walk to the next level of chic with insanely comfortable shoes from Wonders. Wonders are “made with love in Spain” and Lord’s offers the largest selection in Canada for a single store, available in sizes 35 to 42. This season’s collection features lip-smacking sherbet hues of peach, cream, blush, and sky, paired with marvelous luminous metallic accents that pick up the bright sunshine. In every style, from loafers to slip-on mules to strappy sandals, you’ll find striking details like tassels, perforations, bold bows and pearl studs, and textures from sueded matte to patent shine. With chunky rubber soles for hours of walking comfort, to the most sought-after block heels, there’s a style for every mood.
Has all that sunshine and walking worked up a thirst? Try a quenching and sophisticated mocktail in a gorgeous springtime hue

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