Weatherproof fashion with HIGH Fashion


Don't feel you have to dress down just to stay dry! The amazing Dry-Tech features in our Winter Collection will surprise the even the most puddle-shy.

Bos&Co from Portugal uses waxes suedes (and YES! you can wear suede in the rain. Seriously, it actually is a better choice of flat leather! "Why?" you may ask....well, let's talk about this more late but basically once leather gets really wet often enough is swelled and is prone to scratching and dull finish appears. Whereas suede can be brush, dirty and debris can be easily brushed away and we always have a "can of magic" to spray colour and life back into your old boots. There is no small reason 95% of our weatherproof leathers are suede over flat leather. 
Even fun prints can be waterproof! Like this silver foil goodie from Bos&Co!
If you are looking for more serious winter, Cougar (the Canadian brand you remember from the 70's. The brand that is gaining much international attention in the fashion media- Cosmopolitan, Elle and Hello! have all featured Cougar boots this season.
And yes, both the above styles are COMPLETELY WATERPROOF and available in black!
Take casual with a touch of fashion and you have this sweetheart of a lace up from Bos&Co. The style is called "Holiday" and comes in red as well! Take these on your next trip up to Whistler and enjoy happy and warm feet all winter and spring. 
Our Winter collection of weatherproof styles are also breathable! When you have a weatherproof leather that is lined with wool or poly-blends hot air is allowed to circulate and not condense on your feet. No more clammy and soggy toes at the office! These boots can stay on all day with comfort and style! Just ask the ladies of Lord's, we work in them all day long!


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