Flotte Raincoats $165 from France

Flotte is a French brand, committed to more responsible and sustainable fashion 🌱
A colourful, playful and functional outerwear that is built to last. We develop a clothing line that adapt to the daily life of each person. Integrated and sewn to the piece, our windproof raincoats adapt to the liking of your activities by transforming into a bag in an instant.
Our community of pluviophiles shares the same vision of the "positive attitude». The rain does not stop us, on the contrary, it reminds us that we are alive and well. Because rain is synonymous with a happy childhood memory of running around trying to catch as many drops as possible. 
100% recycled and certified. ♻️
At FlotteThe selection of materials is at the heart of each development. The credo: use recycled materials to pollute less. Since the second collection, the brand has invested in this direction by creating a line with fabrics 100% recycled and certified. The desire to reuse what already exists. The idea of a circular fashion will remain in the development of each of our collections.
The packaging.
Recycled, reusable and recyclable. We are big believers in the idea of "nothing is lost, everything is transformed", that's why we have imagined a playful way to reuse our packaging. Each box that comes with our raincoat can be used as a container to grow a plant. All you have to do is to put some potting soil in the box, a few seeds, some water and voilà!

We develop our clothing line with a lot of care in our Parisian offices. A close-knit team of stylists, sales and marketing people work daily to create collections that are always more colourful and fun. One to several fittings are necessary to ensure that comfort and fit are optimal.

Each type of garment requires unique assembly, sewing and know-how. This is why production is carried out in a factory specializing in the manufacture of outerwear, which is located in the Zhejiang region of China. All our products are then controlled a second time in France, in our Parisian workshops, to guarantee to our customers the highest level of craftsmanship and quality.



100% waterproof

100% stylish

100% packable 

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