In order to create a safe retail environment for all, we have established a series of procedures to ensure the wellness of our staff and guests.

1. Hand sanitizer and gloves will be provided upon entry

2. limit of 3 guests in the store at once

3. the change room area will be limited to one guest at a time

4. each change room, seating area and cash desk will be sanitized between guests

5. each item tried will be "isolated" for 24 hours before it is returned to the sales floor

6. guests trying on clothing will be provide with a disposable mask

7. all purchases until further notice will be final sale

8. hand sanitizer will be provided again upon leaving the boutique

9. all staff will be washing their hands between clients

10. all staff are self monitoring their wellness daily 


Procedures may change as retail evolves during this season and we will update our efforts as we progress. This is new 


If you prefer an private shopping appointment, please contact us through our messaging system at 604-595-2430 to book an hour. 


stylishly yours, 


the ladies of Lord's 


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