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Which One Should We Choose? Ramon Tenza Carpet Shoe EXCLUSIVE!

Posted March 04, 2013 in flat, Ramon Tenza, spain, spanish

We need your help!

The ladies of Lord's are hunting for new loot and would LOVE your input! This Ramon Tenza carpet shoe will be available exclusively to Bloomingdale's and Yours Truly (Lord's) for this Spring season. 

We would like to know which patterns you adore the most! Share this post or comment and let us know which should we pick!? 

It's time for your inner shoe buyer to SHINE!

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Ramon Tenza shoes are exquisite!
I adore his smoking slippers with all the beautiful designs.
I bought a particular pair to go with a certain outfit, but strangely enough, they actually look best with a simple pair of jeans!

His shoes are true to size. Buy one pair and you will want more!

Posted by Delene Emanuel on October 09, 2013

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